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5 Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing

We live in the post-digital age. We’re in a world of cloud storage, social media, microblogging and video marketing. In this day and age where even email is starting to be seen as something of a dinosaur, why would you ever engage in old-fashioned direct mailing? The truth is, direct mail marketing is not only […]

Visit with Impact Mailers at IHRSA 2017 in Los Angeles

IHRSA is one of our favorite shows and the Impact Mailers team is looking forward to visiting with our fitness clients again this year in Los Angeles.  We will be presenting some of our new digital products, including text to mobile, IP targeting and geofencing. “The fitness industry has long relied on direct mail to […]

The Marketing of Fitness and the Fitness of Marketing

By Deneen Laprade NE Region Director of Sales, Impact Mailers As a former health club operator, I’m familiar with the 24/7 demands on your time, and know finding affordable, effective means to generate qualified leads is only one of them! Retaining members and increasing their individual spend in-house is an entirely different marketing challenge that […]
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4 Fitness Marketing Techniques You Haven’t Tried Yet

The fitness industry is as crowded as it’s ever been, but with over 54,000,000 Americans utilizing paid gym memberships each and every year, there’s room for growth. Between 2008 and 2014, new memberships grew almost 20%! Is your gym or fitness business going about marketing the right way? Whether you’re struggling to gain traction in […]
Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show

Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show Sep. 27-29

Join us later this month at The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show in Orlando!  We will be showcasing our plastic Impact Mailers to restaurant and hotel operators from across the state of Florida. “Restaurant clients across the country have enjoyed success with our plastic mailers, using them as a platform for loyalty programs, digital integration, […]

The Recipe for Success – Plastic Postcards

If you’re a restaurant owner trying to increase your business, you’re no doubt interested in solid marketing strategies that can better connect you with customers. More specifically, you want a program in place that can not only fill your establishment with new customers, but one that also promotes a positive dining experience for them. A […]

Impact Mailers Exhibits at IHRSA 2016

The team at Impact Mailers is looking forward to visiting with fitness clients later this month as we return to the IHRSA convention and tradeshow being held this year in Orlando. “Fitness remains a core industry vertical for our company.  Our clients have seen enormous success with the Impact Mailer as they take full advantage […]
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Pizza Marketing Tips

Pizza is undoubtedly one of America’s favorite foods. From Chicago-style deep-dish to New York-style thin crust, pizza restaurants served up more than $38 billion in sales in 2015. It’s clear that American eaters love a good slice of pizza, but there is also an insane amount of competition from other local restaurants and national pizza […]
Getting the Most Out of Direct Mail Marketing

Getting the Most Out of Direct Mail Marketing

Mailing coupons, invitations, and other business promotions is a great way to increase sales, grow customer count, boost membership sign-ups, etc. Even though many companies have opted for cheaper, less effective email marketing, direct mail campaigns continue to rank as one of the most powerful ways to reach a local audience. Like any marketing initiative, […]
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Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales

Why Direct Mail Works  Marketing a restaurant is no easy task. There is so much competition in the local market that it can be difficult to carve out a dedicated customer base or offer an experience that is truly unique. Some restaurants are finding creative ways to get customers in the door, while others are […]
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How to Use Direct Mail to Drive Digital Engagement

Web sites, social media, online videos and other digital assets have become ubiquitous as companies embrace online media to showcase their products and services to potential customers. While direct mail reaches consumers outside of their phone/tablet/computer, there is no reason it can’t be made to complement an advertiser’s digital channels. Here are four tips to […]
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Impact Mailers Exhibits at 2015 Martial Arts Supershow

Visit us this week at the Martial Arts Supershow in Las Vegas!  We will be showcasing the martial arts plastic postcard mailer to martial arts school owners and industry professionals. “Our plastic direct mail products have proven so successful in the fitness industry that expanding to martial arts only made sense. School owners and gym […]

Impact Mailers Teams With Paramount Acceptance

Paramount Acceptance, provider of software technology and efficient billing services for fitness clubs, has teamed up with Impact Mailers to deliver direct mail solutions for their clients. Club management software is a core offering of Paramount, as well as, billing services that can help improve the accuracy and processing of the accounts served by your […]
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7 Killer Fitness Marketing Ideas

The fitness industry is booming in 2015. Health clubs and fitness centers now rake in about $27 billion in revenue annually, with huge potential for growth across the board. About 18% of Americans are currently members of a gym or health club, the highest number on record, and this trend is only projected to increase […]
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