Direct Mail Services


Customer Service

Our highly trained customer service team comes with years of experience in the printing and direct mail marketing industries. Your CSR will gladly guide you through your Impact Mailer experience with tips to make sure your mailer gets the maximum response possible. From creative design to mailing lists and production, your CSR will make your Impact Mailer the perfect vehicle to grow sales and impact your bottom line.


Digital Print and Mail

Our digital print and mail team produce your postcard advertising and oversee every aspect of production. Constant press checks and quality controls are in place to assure that your postcard is printed crisp and clean. Cards are constantly checked against the database to be sure the right lists are merged with the correct design and offers. The Print and Mail Team works closely with your CSR to assure cards are shipped on time to meet your requested in-home dates. Our in-house postal liaison checks each mailing to insure that every shipment meets USPS standards and requirements.


Graphic Design

Our award winning graphic design department boasts some of the most creative minds in the plastic postcard industry. Our designers are always pushing the envelope in design concept to make sure you get the maximum results for your campaign. Our eye catching designs stand out in the mailbox while other direct mail vehicles are quickly discarded. From initial concept to final design our team is happy to work with you to get just the right layout to meet your needs.


Data Processing

Our Data Processing Department works closely with our Customer Service team to ensure that your mailer is targeted to the precise audience to maximize your response. Our data processing professionals will provide your CSR with radius reports, counts and maps. Your client database will be and merged it into the radius reports to be sure we are pin-pointing exactly the same areas where your best clients are currently coming from. Our professionals can manipulate data any way you need to get a clearer picture of where your mail is going and a better idea of the type of people you are targeting.

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