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How to Use Direct Mail to Drive Digital Engagement

Web sites, social media, online videos and other digital assets have become ubiquitous as companies embrace online media to showcase their products and services to potential customers. While direct mail reaches consumers outside of their phone/tablet/computer, there is no reason it can’t be made to complement an advertiser’s digital channels. Here are four tips to make your direct mail advertising effective, not only as a standalone medium but also as the ideal complementer to your online marketing efforts:

QR Codes

QR (short for “quick response”) codes have been around for several years now and are starting to become a common site in print advertising. They provide a quick and easy way for customers to access an online link via their phone or tablet. Whether it’s a web site, social media page, digital coupon – if it’s online, a QR code will get them there.ImpactMailers_QR They are particularly useful when the link is long, as they eliminate any possibility of spelling mistakes or other input errors by the consumer. The offers and creative showcased in your direct mail piece can be made to “come alive” online when corresponding audio and video are introduced.

Modify Your Call To Action

When most people think of direct mail, couponing immediately comes to mind with calls to action like “Come in today”, “Save this week only”, etc. These CTAs certainly have their time and place in direct marketing, but they do nothing to showcase your fully featured web site or that online video you just completed. If discounting and price-driven promotions are an important part of your marketing plan, try adding a bonus offer or printable coupon accessible only via your web site. If you have a video online that showcases a recent renovation or new features/capabilities of your business, provide a link or QR code with your CTA to drive the customer online to view it.

Going Social

Does your company have a strong social media presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Add a call to action on your mail piece Sociallike “Follow Us on Facebook for Additional Savings” and provide the QR code to get them there. With the promise of additional value to their purchase experience, your follower counts will climb quickly.

Digital Activation

Direct mail pieces like the plastic Impact Mailer have a unique gift card-like look and feel to them. This can be used to your advantage, as there is a perceived cash value associated with gift cards Dental Plastic Postcardsand credit cards that elevates them far above standard paper coupons. Your call to action should lead consumers to your web site to “activate” the offer on the card. With a simple landing page, you can gather valuable information from prospective customers related to purchase intent, etc. as well as data that can be used to remarket to them, such as email addresses or mobile phone numbers. And you’ve driven them to your web site at the same time, where they can explore your company’s products and services in further detail. A word of warning: Keep your landing page brief, with a minimum level of information and questions. If it takes too much time to fill out or you ask for too much personal information, you could risk losing the input all together.

With these tips, you can take advantage of direct mail’s ability to reach your prospective customers during one of the few moments of the day when they’re not behind a digital screen. Utilize direct mail to give them a reason (and at the same time make it easy) to engage with you online, and you will earn a new customer every time.  Impact Mailers can assist with the creation of landing pages, mobile texting programs, email marketing and other programs designed to complement your direct mail campaign.  Your sales representative will be happy to provide more information.

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