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5 Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing

Plastic Postcard Automotive 2We live in the post-digital age. We’re in a world of cloud storage, social media, microblogging and video marketing. In this day and age where even email is starting to be seen as something of a dinosaur, why would you ever engage in old-fashioned direct mailing? The truth is, direct mail marketing is not only alive and well, but it’s an essential part of any successful campaign.

If you’re not using direct mailings as part of your advertising and customer communications, you’re missing out on something that really can give you a leg up on the competition. Discover five solid reasons to use direct mail marketing and how just sending a postcard can make a huge difference in the ongoing success of your business.

Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing

There are tons of reasons to use direct mail marketing, and tons of ways that it can grow your customer base and improve your success in business. Arguably, however, the top five are that it is personal, targeted, tangible, and integrated, and it allows you to track your campaign success.

Direct mail marketing will increase your reach, grow your consumer base, and make you more successful.

Direct Mail is Personal

When you send someone an email, they might catch the headline, but they’re as likely to delete it as they are to read it. Likewise, it could end up right in their spam folder. Direct mail sends them something physical, that they will actually touch and hold the piece, and this can’t be understated. Touch connects people to things in a very real and personal way.

Direct Mailing is Targeted

When you send direct mail you’re far more likely to target specific customers and be focused in your delivery. It forces you to think about your consumer base and who you’ll get the most results from contacting in this way. With email it’s easy to just send out a blast to thousands of people and forget about it. This all-too-often creates a low return on investment.

Track the Results

While there is certainly technology available that lets you track the use of coupon codes and clickthroughs on your website, you can also very easily track the success of a direct mail campaign based on who uses the specific offers you’re sending out. This allows you to easily adapt and adjust your campaign as needed.2104 Front

Customized Marketing

Direct mail is easily customizable. It can carry your logo, mission statement, trade dress, and is immediately identifiable in a way that an email subject or social media post just is not. You can customize your marketing to be exactly what you want it to be.

Integrated Marketing Efforts

Best of all, direct mail marketing can be used hand-in-hand with your Internet, multimedia and social marketing to create an outstanding multi-pronged approach to your efforts. It’s not your entire marketing strategy, but it certainly should be part of it.

Plastic postcards are a great way to direct mail market your business. They have the look and feel of importance and can be perfectly customized to your business. For more information about how direct mailings in general and plastic postcards specifically can help you, check out our website and get in touch today!

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