FAQ About Postcard Marketing

An Impact Mailer is a durable 30 mil. thick plastic postcard. These cards are high-quality, digitally printed with variable data imaging, addressing, barcoding and offer a magnetic stripe option. Impact Mailers are targeted geographically & demographically to those consumers who want and/or need your product or services the most.

When consumers receive their mail they consciously separate it into two very distinct piles, the “keep pile” (ie: Bills or other important documents, and the “trash or junk mail pile”)The Impact Mailer, with its unique look and feel, makes its way to the “keep pile” nearly every time with an astoundingly high read rate! The snap out gift, discount and loyalty cards have an immediate perceived cash value. With its shiny, glass-like look, credit card feel and thickness, the Impact Mailer gets the attention of consumers immediately. Your customers will snap out your card and put it directly into their wallet, car console or purse with their other gift and credit cards for immediate or future use.

No!  Impact Mailers are not “Coupon” mailers. Coupons are typically paper tear-outs that frequently arrive at the home wrinkled and torn. Coupons come with short-term expiration dates and are used only once before being discarded. They get lost with the other stacks of paper laying around the house, and typically must be mailed continually each month to keep producing results. These types of mailers can actually have a negative impact on your business. If you coupon too much, consumers become conditioned to wait for your coupon before purchasing. This does not create customer loyalty, but only reduces the effectiveness of your campaign. While paper coupons typically generate a response rate of less than 2%, Impact Mailers have been known to return double digit response rates, as they are retained for months in the car, wallet or purse.

They can be used over and over again by the consumer, turning a discount card into a brand loyalty card and resulting in residual business for many months so, instead of mailing paper coupons month after month, with Impact Mailers a fresh offer can be delivered to the same household as little as once or twice a year.

Research has shown that your best new clients are a mirror image of your current customer database. Impact Mailers will compile a mileage radius report around your location(s) and merge that report with your existing client database. Our proprietary software will then pinpoint exactly what zip codes and carrier routes your customers are coming from. We will inform you of what percentage of the carrier route households you are currently servicing. With a true new customer acquisition mailing we will suppress your current customers from the mailing list so we are targeting only those households who have never purchased from you before.

Impact Mailers will quote one all-inclusive price for your order. The price includes the following: consultation, graphic design, printing, mapping, mailing list, data processing, mail production, shipping to the post office and postage (presort standard, walk sequence mail).

Call Impact Mailers today at 888-983-2250 and talk to one of our expert Customer Service Representatives (CSR).  They will be happy to guide you through the process to make your experience easy and successful.

We recommend that a client mail a minimum of 2,500 pieces per location to test a mailing/offer. This will give a very good indication if your offer is strong enough to draw the response rate you are looking for before rolling out larger quantity mailings.

Once you make the commitment to proceed with your Impact Mailer program, an initial deposit of $250 is required prior to starting the design portion of your project.  Your Customer Service Representative can accept either a credit card or check. Once your design and mailing list are approved and ready to go to print, the remaining balance is due.

Once a deposit has been received it usually takes (depending on quantity) approximately 3 weeks to complete an Impact Mailer. Your CSR will review your optimal in-home dates and we will target those dates. (Although we do our best to target exact in-home dates it is not possible to predict the variances in United States Postal Service deliveries)

Each Impact Mailer includes a barcode that we can link directly to your point of sale system. Just scan the cards as they arrive and the data will automatically load into your system. If you do not have scanning capabilities, we will be happy to scan them for you, although an additional fee may apply.

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