Smartphones provide a key platform by which to follow your potential customers as they travel, shop and socialize in the proximity of your business.  Utilizing location services on their mobile device, we can deliver targeted display advertising directly to their smartphone as they browse the web.

  • Reach users within a 1 mile radius around your business.  Your advertising is served as potential customers are close to your front door.  phonedisplay
  • Target only users that fit your customer profile with demographic and behavioral targeting based on their browsing habits.  Reach only the age and income ranges, lifestyle interests, etc. that match your target audience.
  • Users can click thru the mobile ad to save and redeem an offer on their phone, call your business or even provide directions from their current location.
  • Competitive geofencing is available.  Target competitive business addresses with your mobile advertising and reach customers with an incentive to visit your business instead of the competitor.


Contact your salesperson at 404-973-2770 or send us an email for more information.

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