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plastic discount cardPlastic postcard advertisements by Impact Mailers are some of the most effective marketing products for retail. Our high-quality designs are meant to stand apart from the clutter of a normal mailbox, enticing recipients to take note of the unique advertisement that was just delivered to their home.

Every time someone looks over your store’s promotional postcard, your business generates a single impression that will drastically increase the likelihood that the viewer stops by your store. When compared to paper advertisements, plastic cards are more likely to be retained by the consumer, significantly increasing the conversion rate of your marketing campaign.

View samples of our plastic postcards here

Why It Works

When you choose Impact Mailers, we send out hundreds of personalized postcards at once to potential clients in your area. We carefully review your target audience and take a host of geographic and demographic factors into consideration so that we can hone in on the clients that are most likely to end up making a purchase. Marketing your retail location is all about efficiency rather than pure volume; therefore we plan a detailed marketing strategy that will get you the biggest return on your investment.

When your business promotes a discounted product or service with Impact Mailers, customers are not only given a great offer, but the convenience of a plastic card that they can carry anywhere in their wallet. This means that card-carrying customers are more likely to make an impulse stop (and purchase) at your store. Even better, these cards have the look and feel of a credit or gift card, so recipients perceive them as having actual cash value.

The Impact Mailers Difference

Nearly every business in the retail industry sends periodic advertisements to homeowners in their area. Unless your store has the same budget as big name competitors, then your loose-leaf paper ad will simply be lost in a stack of mail. Impact Mailers uses a new approach that transforms your static print promotions into eye-catching, wallet-ready plastic cards.

As the retail industry has moved into the 21st century, so have the marketing techniques we use. To attract new business, plastic postcards are one of the best investments in the future of your store. Here are some advanced ways to promote your retail center with Impact Mailers:

  • plastic discount postcardMembership Cards: On the back of credit card pop-outs, we can print unique barcodes and magnetic stripes that can be utilized with your point-of-sale (POS) system. Instead of asking for phone numbers or personal information, preferred shoppers can simply pull this card out of their wallet as part of your store’s loyalty program.
  • QR Codes: Our plastic postcards can also be produced with one of the newest technologies in consumer advertising: QR codes. With a smartphone, customers scan the QR code to receive additional discounts or special multimedia messages. If you have a web site, online video or other digital asset that you would like to share with prospective customers, the Impact Mailer can direct them straight to it.
  • Multiple Franchises or Locations: With Impact Mailers, we provide direct mail marketing for small businesses and nationwide chains alike. No matter how big or small your target audience is, our team will make sure that your advertisements reach the buyers that matter.
  • Professional Design: Your job is to focus on the in-store experience while it is our job to perfect your external marketing campaign. Leave the graphic design to our team of experienced advertising experts who will format your logo and key business information into an exciting and colorful postcard.
  • Seasonal Sales: Like most retail centers, your store probably holds storewide events for big shopping days like Black Friday. For big clearance events, get the word out with our direct retail mailing. Promote your seasonal sales and inform prospective shoppers about extended holiday hours.

Impact Mailers is the most cost-effective marketing solution for your retail store. Check out some of our retail designs below or call our office today at 1-888-983-2250 for more information!